The implications for the NIS2 Directive within the European Union will apply to various stakeholders. We have therefore developed special course modules for these specific stakeholders. Building (digital) trust is essential for your organization.

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Board of Directors, CEO, CISO, IT Director
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  • Understand the implications for NIS2
  • Serveral templates for NIS2 related compliance
  • Presentation templates
Leon van der Valk
Leon van der
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In my work as a CISO, I deal with a European playing field of direct and indirect consequences of the NIS2 Regulations. These course modules have helped me gain real quick insight into the consequences of the NIS2 Regulations. There is a lot of work to do for both our organization and our customers.
Ton van Gessel
Ton van Gessel@skyteam
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I would like to know what I can do now to be compliant with the NIS2 regulations and how to avoid fines from my clients. These modules are extremely clearly written and offer great insight into what is going to apply within my industry.
Igor van Gemert
Igor van
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As a shadow CISO, it is important that you look after your clients' potential liability risks. These modules have provided me with the necessary insights so that I know what to do to be compliant as soon as possible.
Guido van Nispen
Guido van
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The NIS 2 Directive applies to companies that operate essential services or digital service providers, defined as companies that provide online marketplaces, search engines, and cloud computing services. The NIS2 Directive will also have indirect effects on SMEs in the EU. For example, suppose an SME provides goods or services to a company subject to the Directive's requirements. In that case, the SME may need to adopt specific cybersecurity measures to do business with that company.

Do not be surprised by the EU NIS2 Directive understand the organizational and legal conseqences and take the time to educate yourself.

Time to be fully complient with the NIS2 EU Directive

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